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Peanut Butter Non-Alcoholic Whiskey

Peanut Butter Non-Alcoholic Whiskey

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Sweet . rich and luxurious with flavors of whiskey . peanut butter . hazelnut . and caramel. And . even better . it's nut free so you still get the taste and flavor. 

This is a perfect after dinner drink or cocktail when you are in the mood for some sweetness. 

This delicious non-alcoholic whiskey is a blend of peanut butter and hazelnut . making it a perfect balance of these natural flavors.  Our whiskey mocktail version doesn't contain any nuts - it's nut free.   

The Peanut Butter Non-Alcoholic Whiskey is sweet and smooth and something that you'd want to drink for dessert.   It's also a fun whiskey mocktail to use with mixers.  The combination of hazelnut . peanut butter and non-alcoholic whiskey creates a luxurious cocktail.  

The Peanut Butter Non-Alcoholic Whiskey is  premixed . bottled . and ready to drink. Enjoy our selection of premium mocktails that are best served chilled. This non-alcoholic Peanut Butter Whiskey mocktail from Escape Wise Mocktails is a delicious way to make your escape! 


Size: 750 ml

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* Pictures shown are for illustration purposes. Product color and bottle fill line may differ slightly due to bottle shape variations. All bottles contain 750-775ml of product.

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