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Green Label Single Malt Non-Alcoholic Whiskey Spirit

Green Label Single Malt Non-Alcoholic Whiskey Spirit

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Single Malt Non-Alcoholic Whiskey by Escape Wise Mocktails is smooth and earthy with flavors of scotch . oak . and bitters.

Combining notes of oak . smoke . and a touch of vanilla . this single malt non-alcoholic whiskey is a great drink to sip.  With the added bitters . our single malt non-alcoholic whiskey is not sweet . but just a nice mellow taste.  If you are looking to mix the non-alcoholic single malt whiskey . you can add club soda for a whiskey and soda . or if you like things a little sweet . mix with lemon-lime soda. 

We think the Single Malt Scotch Non-Alcoholic Whiskey alternative is best enjoyed while relaxing.  Take a sip and then take your time drinking it. 

This whiskey alternative is one of our low calorie drinks with 35 calories per serving. 

This single malt non-alcoholic whiskey spirit from Escape Wise Mocktails is a delicious scotch alternative beverage to make your escape! 

Size: 750 ml

Calories: 35 calories per serving

* Pictures shown are for illustration purposes. Product color and bottle fill line may differ slightly due to bottle shape variations. All bottles contain 750-775ml of product.

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